About Shonelle

Shonelle Siegmann Naturopathic Website Designer_Tech for Pracs

I will talk your ear off about natural medicine, small business woes and wins, family, most likely send you an image of my ducks or the dog whilst madly weaving website magic in the wee hours of the morning. I am a over-sharer and i have a deep passion for our industry, I do a little happy dance when I get health practitioners wanting to work with me to get their Business flowing in the areas that have been lacking energy.

I enjoy almond hot chocolates as much as a good fresh pot of nettle tea, spring time when the sunshine pours in through the windows and watching re-runs of tv shows (this does not include the wiggles) and being on my laptop at inappropriate times, like when We are going somewhere and im not driving.

I have been doing website design and design work since I came Across a computer. granted, I may have started with paint, then on to dreamweaver and adobe as a teenager adding wordpress, WIX, CSS, and squarespace as a naturopath student, i am now fully Fledged and can Get my head around a lot of applications. I am proud to say that whilst i am self taught, i honestly have a love and knack for technology and i live and breathe design. i even have dreams about it.

I created Tech for Pracs because i was finding a lot of Practitioners either coming out of college or with years of Experience unable to speak ‘tech’, considered themselves a ‘tech Dinosaur’ or just don’t have time to sort things between clients.

you wont get too many emails from me unless i need something, you may find i go quiet and pop up in your inbox With a surprise email saying your project is complete (because it takes around 6 weeks to create a website) and you Certainly will find a friend in me. I like building websites as much as making friends and building connection. i like to know what yo do as much as how and why - it helps me really tap into the project or more than one Level.

i’m a tad impatient with myself, being a mother had made me realise That i need to practise more Self care and that its okay not to enjoy everything single thing. i do not like winter unless i have a Thousand blankets on, the heater and a good playlist of music. I also don’t like peas unless i am feeding them to the ducks, coffee or deleting old files and images of my phone. you can never have enough pictures of your pets or children or take on too may things at once (that last one is a porky, you can and you can burn out, whoops).

we will work well together if you want someone to take the lead but still allow you to call some shots, you want guidance and you want your business to change for the better.