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I had something whitty and well written here that summed up what I do pretty well, but it didn’t save. Story of my life and probably yours right? let’s just recap what it is was, because part of that is still ringing in my ears.

I’m all about transparency, i’m down to earth and while were talking about those two things - the studio, although sounding classy, is just me, a down to earth perth gal with a small town warmth (i’m from a town called busselton). I am a lover of creating your dreams and designing whats in your head into an actual design or my second love, teaching you how do things yourself for when a Moment of inspiration happens.

My office ( a space in my house That could be the couch or the naturopathic clinic or even the car) has grown in the last few years that is passionate about solid brand creation, functional and beautiful Squarespace design, and graphic design of anything else I can get my hands on.

If I had to describe my style I’d say it’s easy to navigate and easy to follow. the ultimate goal is for you to be seen and clients to want to work with you. I personally love beautiful typography where fonts smoothy go together with your branding Style, with a bit of my flair mixed in.

I have been doing website design and design work since I came across a computer. granted, I may have started with paint, then on to dreamweaver and adobe as a teenager adding wordpress, WIX, CSS, and squarespace as a naturopath student, I am now fully Fledged and can Get my head around a lot of applications. I am proud to say that whilst i am self taught, i honestly have a love and knack for technology and i live and breathe design. i even have dreams about it.

I created Tech for Pracs because i was finding a lot of Practitioners either coming out of college or with years of Experience unable to speak ‘tech’, considered themselves a ‘tech Dinosaur’ or just don’t have time to sort things between clients.


so you aren’t tech savvy?

No judgement here, I can take you through the basics of platforms such as Wordpress, Wix and Squarespace. If you are confused by your booking system, I can help you set up and integrate software including SimpleClinic, Acuity, HealthKit, Cliniko and more. I just want to help so you can consult and research new treatment protocols.

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