12 goals for your first year in practice

It can be overwhelming going into business for the first time. Sometimes you don’t know what is important to get done, and what can wait. So if you’re new to the world of health practice, here are some goals to get you started in the first year.

Get a proper logo

It’s best to get your logo properly designed, as a designer will get you set up with different files. For example, you should have a black and white version and a transparent version. That way, you can use the logo for your website, social media images and more.

Set yourself up on Google Business

If Google doesn’t know your business exists, it can’t show it on the search engine. So make sure you get it set up as soon as you know where you’re working from and what your business name is. If you need help, let me know.

Set up a website and social media channels

Yes, having both is generally essential if you want a successful business in this day and age. We’ll discuss why this is important in another post.

But for now, start off with a website and at least a Facebook page. The other social media channels can wait, but you might want to set them up with your business name, so no one else can claim them.

Set up online bookings

Most people don’t want to pick up the phone or send an email to book in an appointment. They much prefer just clicking a time that suits their needs. So get your online booking system linked up to your social media and website to make it easy for people to see you.

Establish your network

You want to have a trusted group of people that you can refer clients to. Otherwise, if you send them to someone you’ve never met, and they have a bad experience, that looks bad for you.

So get to know other practitioners in the area. Go and get treatments, even swap sessions to get to know what they offer. That way, you can recommend them with confidence.

Write some content

If you don’t have content, people won’t know what you do and what you love. The best way to establish yourself as a health expert is to show your knowledge. So write some blogs, make some videos, do whatever you need to so that people know about you!

Get your content mistake-free – aka hire an editor!

Content is amazing for showcasing your expertise. But if it’s riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes, or is impossible to read, it’s not going to help. If you know that your content isn’t the best it could be, get yourself an editor.

If you really dread writing content, look at outsourcing it completely once your client base is established. I recommend Samantha Gemmell for any editing and content writing needs you have.

Start outsourcing

There are always things that we hate doing. It might be the books, it might be the website, it might be writing content. Whatever it is, look at outsourcing it as soon as you can.

Why is this so important? It frees up the time that you could spend doing what you love. The more you do that, the more your business can grow.

Set up mailing lists

Social media is great to start connecting with people, but mailing lists are more loyal and more likely to spend their dollars. It also takes it from a slight chance of them scrolling past your offer to seeing it in their email. So this is particularly important if you plan on doing things like events, packages and retreats.

I recommend that you start off with Mailchimp, because it’s free for smaller mailing lists, and is easy to use. If you want some help setting up Mailchimp, send me a message.

Get yourself a business coach

The first year of any business is scary, so get someone on board to hold your hand. For me, it gave me the confidence, so I wasn’t scared of not making money. I already had things sorted out.

I recommend Tammy Guest as a coach for health practitioners – learn more about her here.

Know your technology

If you are using any kind of technology – and you will be – you need to be familiar with what you’re using. Even if you have someone else running it, like a web designer or a receptionist, knowing the basics can help when something goes wrong. And something always goes wrong when that person isn’t around!

So make sure you understand the basics of your accounting, payments, bookings, social media and website.

Start small and grow

You don’t have to do everything in the first month – unless you have the time and the finances for it! It’s better to start getting out there with a few small actions than to hide away. There is time to grow your business – there’s no rush. So do what you can, when you can.

Is it time to outsource your website or design needs? I’m here to help. Contact me for more information about how I can support your health practice.