10 Things You Need Before You Start Seeing Clients

10 Things You Need Before You Start Seeing Clients

You’ve got your qualification, and you’re ready to get out into the world of clinical practice. Congrats! But before you start booking in your first clients, there are a few things you’ll want to have in place. Let’s have a look at the 10 things I’d suggest any practitioner has in place before opening their clinic.

  1. A laptop
    We live in a digital world, so a laptop or even desktop computer is something you want to have handy. This will be where you’ll have the tech needed to support your business. Obviously, access to the internet is also a must-have.

  2. A Facebook page
    Many people use Facebook to search for what they need just as often as they use Google! Facebook is the main social media platform where people are looking for services. So make sure you get a Facebook biz page set up.

  3. Google My Business
    If Google doesn’t know your business exists, it can be hard to get traction with clients finding you online. The good news is that setting up Google Business is simple. To get started, click here and follow the prompts.

  4. An ideal client
    If you don’t have an ideal client, you don’t know where to find them. And if you don’t know where to find them, marketing can be difficult.

    So have a think about who your ideal client might be. They might have a particular health concern, or be at a specific stage of life. For example, as a naturopath, my ideal client is women and couples who are struggling with fertility.

  5. Client agreement forms
    As a health practitioner, legals are a non-negotiable. They not only cover your butt – they also help with setting up expectations and boundaries with your client. So you need to have them written up before seeing your first client.

    I recommend using Michelle Whitehead’s client agreement template to write up your own client agreement forms. These templates are simple to use, more affordable than hiring a lawyer, and you can write them in your own language.

  6. A privacy policy
    If you’re collecting client information in person or online, you need a privacy policy in place. As practitioners, we collect sensitive information, and it needs to be clear how we protect it for the sake of our clients.

    Michelle also has a privacy policy template that I recommend here.

  7. Insurance

    Speaking of legally covering your butt, you’ll also want to have insurance in place. Even if you aren’t part of an association, you can still take out insurance for both professional indemnity and public liability. If you are part of an association, it’s worth checking out the insurance they recommend, as it’s often discounted for members.

  8. A CRM
    Customer relationship management tools, or CRM, are a must for looking after your clients throughout your relationship. A good CRM will help you to book clients in, collect intake information, manage payments and follow up after appointments.

    There are plenty of CRM options out there at different price points, and often, it comes down to personal preference. Your free options include Healthkit and the free version of Acuity.

    For paid options, you can use Acuity, Simple Clinic or Cliniko. The paid versions will usually have trials available, so you can test them out. 

  9. A way to track your money
    Making money is fun. But if you don’t know what you’re making and where you’re spending it, it’s easy to lose track of. You can’t improve financially if you don’t know where you’re at to start with! So you’ll want a reliable way to track your money.

    If you already have an accountant, have a chat to them about which software to use. I use Xero for my business. But if you’re starting out on your own and are looking for a free option to start with, give Wave a try.

  10. Accounts with supplement distribution companies
    Instead of getting a full dispensary up-front, get signed up with distribution companies that can send supplements directly to your clients. This saves you money and prevents problems like expired stock.

    Vital.ly are a good option for Australia-wide distribution of different practitioner supplements. You can also sign up with your favourite brands directly.

Need some help setting up the software you need for your business? I’m here to help. Click here to book in a 60 minute session where we can go through your tech woes step by step.