Mailchimp For Health Practitioners: The Basics

As we’ve discussed before, a newsletter and mailing list is a must-have for the savvy health practitioner. Mailchimp is a great option for health practitioners who are venturing into the world of newsletters. So let’s look at using Mailchimp for your health business.

Why use Mailchimp?

So what makes Mailchimp my go-to for health practitioners? There’s a few key reasons for this.

Firstly, Mailchimp is pretty user-friendly. Even beginners can get started with a single mailing list and sending out a basic newsletter. For the more complex functions, there are video tutorials and FAQ that can help you figure it out.

It’s also one of the most popular options out there – plenty of people use it. In our Tech group, most people with a mailing list use it. So if you have a Mailchimp question, pop in and ask – we’ll have the answer to get you sorted!

It’s also free for small business. If you have less than 2000 subscribers and send less than 12,000 newsletters each month, you don’t pay a cent. Most health practitioners will be well below those numbers for at least the first few years of business.

Mailchimp can be used for regular newsletters, automation of email sequences, challenges and more. You can share general info, blogs, promos and more. It’s a very versatile tool.

What I love about Mailchimp

There are reasons why you should use Mailchimp for your biz. But there are also things that I just love about it:

  • I get to high-five a monkey when I send out an email

  • If I schedule it ahead of time, I get a monkey telling me to rock on

  • It’s easy to save a template, so you can reuse the same template to save time

  • They’ve just rolled out automation as a feature on the free plan

Yes, it’s the little things that keep me happy!

Tips for getting the most out of Mailchimp

So you want to get Mailchimp set up as your newsletter service. But how do you make the most of it? Here are my top tips to make it easy and effective:

  • Create and save a template that has your logos, links and social media buttons already set up. That way, you won’t accidentally send out an email that links someone to the Mailchimp website instead of your own.

  • Use the preview and test email options to make sure all of the links and images are good to go before you hit send.

  • When adding images, resize them if they’re too big – Mailchimp will usually tell you if this is the case.

  • If you make a mistake – send out a short email, admitting your mistake, having a laugh, and correcting it. It means more people are likely to see it!

  • Make a birthday list and schedule it so that people get a discount code or freebie present for their birthday. Everyone loves a pressie!

  • If you truly hate creating and scheduling newsletters – outsource it. Let someone else do it for you, and save that time for the things that you’re good at.

Want to get Mailchimp set up and ready to go? I can walk you through how to get started with your newsletter and mailing list. Click here to learn more about working together.

Shonelle Siegmann