Keeping Professional Boundaries Using Tech

When you start your own business, the lines between work and life begin to blur. You want to give everything to your biz and be available every day of the week. But that is a one-way road to burning out. As a health practitioner, maintaining professional boundaries is even more essential – otherwise, you’ll end up with clients that text and email 24-7.

The good news is that tech can help you to keep professional boundaries. Here are a few of my favourite ways to use tech for the good of your business and your sanity.


Sometimes, the only time you have free to answer emails is 3pm Sunday afternoon. But you don’t want your clients to start thinking that they can email you on weekends and expect a response then. That’s where Boomerang comes in handy.

When you use Boomerang, you can write an email response at any time of day or night. But you can schedule it to send during business hours, so it looks like those are your email response hours. No one will ever be the wiser!

Scheduling social media

The trick with social media is to look like you’re always around, without actually being around. That’s where scheduling content comes in.

By scheduling in content in advance, you maintain a presence in the newsfeed of your followers. But you don’t have to be on your page every day. You can even have a holiday, and your fans wouldn’t know the difference!

There are third party scheduling apps that you can use if you prefer. But Facebook gives preference to posts that are scheduled directly through Facebook itself. So get yourself some templates and pop some posts in for the next few weeks or even months!

Scheduling is best paired with the following points for best results.

Setting hours on Facebook

You can set your standard business hours on your Facebook page so that clients know when you’re likely to have appointments available. But it also lets them know that outside of those hours, you might not be responding to messages and emails. 

If you have many prospective clients contacting you via email, you might want to include your hours in your email signature as well. This sets the expectation of when they are most likely to hear back from you.

Set up an out of office reply

Did you know you can set up an auto-response to send if someone messages your Facebook page after your set business hours? It’s a simple way to let them know that you’re probably not online right now.

You can also use it to direct them to your booking page or a page with FAQ. For example, my current out of office reply is:

Hi <name>, I'm not here right now. Need help with tech issues? Make sure you check out my 1hr block for quick jobs, troubleshooting or training: Otherwise, I'll get back to you shortly!- Shonelle

If you include a link to the most commonly used service, it can help you cut down on how many messages need following up during business hours.

Need help with using tech to maintain your business boundaries? Book in a 60-minute session here, and I can walk you through each process.

Shonelle SiegmannComment