Why You Need Pinterest

Why You Need Pinterest

The simple answer is: because it's a search engine.

The slightly longer answer is: it's one more way for your potential clients to find out who you are and what you do, and it does this in a really unique way: Pins.

Pins are an effective way of getting potential clients onto your website and into your booking calendar. You can use these pins to share information about your treatments, health and nutrition, products you offer, and more. Creating pins is the perfect way to answer those frequently asked questions about your business, promote your services, and connect you with your ideal clients.


So what exactly are pins?

Your pins are the images and links you post to your Pinterest boards.

Every blog post you put up, every video you post to your website or YouTube, every discount or special offer you create. All of these things can be pins on Pinterest. All of them make your business more accessible to the people you want to serve.


Over time, you create a collection of pins that link out to different areas of your business: your website, your social media pages, your YouTube channel, and even to your booking page. You can create pins that describe the services you offer and the benefits to your clients, and then link it straight up to your booking calendar!


It’s such an effective platform for creating a community of people who share similar tastes and interests, as well as helping to effectively share your brand to a larger audience. Here are some of my favourite perks of Pinterest and its users:


Long Pin Life

Pins can last a very long time, and the more times they get "re-pinned" - that is, shared by another user - they get a visibility boost, and are more likely to show up in related search results. That's right, the more your pin gets shared, the more chances you have of being discovered. Some Pinterest users have even noticed pins that are over 5 years old still in circulation!!


Planning & Bookmarking

Pinterest is a fantastic platform for planning and saving content for later; don't have time for it right now? Pin it, and you'll be able to find it on your board later. It's essentially a visual bookmarking system; saving images and weblinks in one convenient place. Your clients may be using this method to keep track of businesses they want to use, but might not have the funds for right now.


Boost Your SEO

Having more content out there with your brand name to it is, of course, beneficial to your SEO in general. Pinterest goes a step further, in that your profiles AND boards can be ranked in search results, potentially giving you even more chance of being discovered in a search.



A lot of users create their own boards for studying specific topics, such as for exam revision or when investigating health concerns, diets and treatment options. By having pins available that answer these questions, you're not only educating your target market, but facilitating passive marketing by having your links re-pinned. It's a win-win!


Advertising Special Offers

Some users will save Pins for future use when booking appointments or services; this is a great space to be advertising special offers, promotions, events or courses. By providing Pins relevant to the services they are already searching for, as well as showcasing your special offers, you're able to increase the likelihood of booking a client.


If you’re ready to start a Pinterest account, here are my 6 Tips For Pinterest Success:

  1. Create a blog board – pin all of your blog posts in the one place. Make it easy for anyone searching your profile to learn your area of expertise. By providing links to your blog with a beautiful pinned image, you’re encouraging people to visit your website and learn more about you and your business.

  2. Create a business board – this is where you’ll post your offers, special promotions and packages, as well as pin information about what you do. Think of this as a noticeboard where your potential clients can learn all about what you do and how to contact you.

  3. Create a travel/hobby/interest board – people buy from people, so you’ll want your clients to know you’re human, too. Consider creating a board that shows them what you’re interested in, places you want to travel to, or things you enjoy doing. Let them get to know you and build a relationship.

  4. Check All Links – make sure your links work when you make your boards and start pinning. A beautiful board is no good to you if the links don’t work. Make sure any links to your website, blog, booking calendar, or other important pages are all working correctly (ask for help if you get stuck)

  5. Interact with the community – make sure that you are engaging with people within the Pinterest community. Join other boards, follow people who inspire you, re-pin other posts that you find informative, funny, beautiful or insightful. Be a community member and be available to your audience.

  6. Sign up as a business account – this will give you access to analytics and insights; this means you can track things like how many re-pins you get, average monthly viewers, number of clicks through to your site, and more!


By giving your audience relevant content, useful graphics and beautiful images, you are on track to not only boost your SEO and online visibility through re-pinning, but also increase your bookings.

Pinterest is a fantastic platform for fostering business-client relationships and positioning yourself as an expert in the field, while simultaneously sharing your links. There are over 100 million active users on Pinterest, so now is the time to get your business onto Pinterest.

Comment below if this was helpful or if you have a Pinterest account but are now going to start using it!