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Why you should pick Squarespace over Wordpress or Wix

My first experience at trying to build my own website for my clinic, probably sounds a lot like yours.

My first website was a rushed Wordpress website because that was the platform "everyone said was the best website platform for naturopaths” So I thought how hard could it be, i’ll do it myself. My budget was small so I knew I had to take the DIY route which didn’t scare me that much, because I had used it a few times for whilst working in other industries but honestly. I wanted to throw the laptop out the window. I found the platform frustrating with all the others, the free templates, the paid templates, the plugin options and really, it was and not very intuitive, so I put the project on hold for a very long time. It wasn’t till I went searching for other options I found Wix, my clinic With Wellness was originally built on this which was great for 12 months. I had an embed booking system, an online shop for 500 item Testing and it was easy enough to add things. The huge issue came with the lack of functionality and it was a clunky system for the price I was paying. After a few unsuccessful attempts, a few strong cups of herbal tea I came across Squarespace.

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