Q: what if i cant afford it but i need a website to get my business making me money

A: Contact me. I love to help, be that we start your project and you pay me on direct debit (payment plan), we arrange a deposit, set up a mutually agreed payment plan or we make your project start date a few months later, when you have the cash flow and content ready.

Q: what if I am not tech savvy?

A: Thats okay, I have helped practitioners create a facebook business page through to a full blown coded site, I keep it as simple as possible. I also like to walk you through a few things so you can do it after we get off the phone. You don’t have to be tech savvy when you get first hand help.

Q: are there things you can’t do?

A: Probably, but tech is my thing. If I don’t know how to do it, i’ll tell you. If I don’t know but I want to know, ill learn and research it (at no cost to you) then start your project. I can’t make you a million bucks either… but I can get your business online and running fairly smooth.

Q: can you help with other things that i didn’t know i needed?

A: Yes, I often find projects expand as we get talking. This is why there are basic costs, if you want something else then that the time is tracked and costs extra.


A: Copy. I don’t write your content. You have to come up with it, have to spell check it and make sure any hyperlinks are marked or done (pasted in are Okay). If You want someone to write it for you, I recommend michelle Daga, samantha gemmell and Cindy Kennedy depending on your budget and needs. If you use either of these amazing wordsmiths, please do tell them I send you.