Squarespace Website | Nutrition By Design | Lesley Burch | Perth Nutritionist

Nutrition by design is a simple website created by Lesley Burch who is a nutritionist based in Perth, WA. Lesley was seeking a website where clients could book in without loosing her privacy so has kept her contact details to a minimum with an online form connected to her emails, a booking system embedded to her website and a few images used from her facebook page as she didn’t have any recent professional photographs taken (a smart phone is pretty good now days!).

This website was created with Squarespace so Lesley could edit and change her site as it grew including the ability to add blogs which is able to be linked to her social media, add more services and easily change out any images or content without the need of ongoing website support and code knowledge. 


Nutrition by design faced competition with a similar business name found on google so SEO was tailored to her location and Lesley was encouraged to blog with her ideal target in mind to help them find her business. Lesley set up google my business and connected analytics to her website to track hits, search terms and what pages were popular as well as give possible clients the ability to contact her.