Clinic Template Collection

Clinic Template Collection


The Holy Grail of time savers!
Paste these templates into your booking system + a few more personalised emails when a client forgets to come to their appointment or when you want to ask for a review and don’t know how to word it.

These are formatted for SimpleClinic (minus the manual ones which are for manual emails or you can tweak for your newsletter system) You don’t have to use SimpleClinic so. If you are just starting out or use something else like Acuity, HealthKit or even Mailchimp these can be used, all you need to do is change the Merge Tags.

I have kept this document very simple so you can just highlight the ones you need and paste them in.

This collection contains:

  • Initial consultation booking template

  • Follow up consultation booking template

  • Booking SMS template

  • Reminder SMS template

  • SimpleClinic Initial consultation reminder template

  • Follow up consultation reminder template

  • Prescription Email Template

  • Invoice Email Body Template 

  • Common Simple Clinic Merge Tags

  • Missed Appointment Manual Email

  • Review Manual Email

Some of these templates are already found in SimpleClinic’s template setup and by all means if you have the system, their templates are great, I have just customised them as the more I practice (I have a home clinic - With Wellness), the more I realise that clients need everything right in their face!

I really hope these templates help you with your journey to steaming your admin aspects of your business like they have for me. I have had less drop outs, more clients confirming, conversing and sharing my clinic than ever before!

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