How to create paragraphs on your Instagram

I’ve tried typing on Instagram and having to scroll, in a word document, notes and even emailing myself but it still doesn’t have nicely spaced captions unless I put an emoji or a full stop. 

A caption that looks easier to read, is more appealing to the eye and when it’s broken down it’s easy to read, digestion, act on and when it’s easy, that means more engagement which means more traffic and more of a priority in social media land. 

Because algorithms or not, easy information that’s nice on the keys is king. Lured with a lovely image or even a stock image; then you’ve got social media sorted. 

To have perfectly formatted post captions on Instagram go to this this website. 

Type, and press enter every time you want a new paragraph. You can also paste something you’ve written in, and press enter to break it up. 

It’s so easy and literally takes no extra time.